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An investigation into spinal and pelvic misalignments in 8-week-old basset hound puppies

29/05/2024 by in Dogs

Research of musculoskeletal issues in puppies is limited. This study aimed to provide evidence that spinal & pelvic misalignments exist in 8-week-old Basset Hound puppies and any associations with the birthing process. Highlights: Vertebral and pelvic misalignments do exist in…

An investigation into the effect of the relationship between spinal vertebrae alignment and the performance of FEI international 1* event horses at a British Eventing competition.

Event horses that had a lower total number of misalignments were more likely to be placed higher in a FEI 1* eventing competition.
Further research of effects of correcting misalignments on performance parameters is recommended.

A preliminary study on the effects of head and neck position during feeding on the alignment of the cervical vertebrae in horses.

The method of feeding hay to horses (floor, haynet, Haybar) affects the head and neck position on a daily basis.
Study suggests an effect on the musculoskeletal system, with notable differences in areas of muscle tension.
May imply a link between how horses are fed and their musculoskeletal health