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An investigation into the influence of trained turning direction on passive range of motion, and static weight distribution in the forelimbs of dogs that compete in flyball

20/06/2024 by in Dogs

Participating in flyball is thought to pose higher risk of injury to the forelimbs, especially during high velocity turns performed in the same direction (either left or right). This study investigated whether turning direction on the flyball box influences passive…

A study investigating the potential effect of equine brachiocephalicus muscle tenderness on forelimb kinematics.

Evidence that asymmetrical muscle tenderness in the brachiocephalicus muscle may influence forelimb kinematics
Results suggest when evaluating muscle tenderness by pressure algometry, site within the muscle may be important

An investigation into the relationship of pelvic misalignment on forelimb hoof size

Pelvic rotation misalignment can be associated with reduced performance and lameness
Redistribution of locomotor forces to other limbs to off-load a limb is a compensatory mechanism
Evidence of a statistically significant relationship between the alignment of the pelvis and growth (length and width) of horse’s fore-hooves