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Welcome to the McTimoney Animal Association; the professional body for McTimoney Animal Practitioners. The McTimoney Animal Association exists to promote excellence in animal chiropractic for its members, and to the veterinary and animal-owning communities.

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McTimoney Animal Association

McTimoney Animal Association

The McTimoney Animal Association is the professional Association for McTimoney Animal Practitioners.

Meet Reggie, a wobbly dog who's not giving up...Reggie is a 6-year-old Doberman who developed a swaying gait and lost his enthusiasm for agility. After an MRI revealed he had a neural disease called 'wobblers,' Reggie underwent surgery to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, the pins used in his surgery failed several months later.Since then, Reggie has been receiving regular McTimoney Animal Association chiropractic treatment from Claire Lawrence Mctimoney Animal Therapist, which has helped manage the compensatory issues that arise from his altered gait. He also goes for regular hydrotherapy to help maintain his muscle mass and proprioception.Despite his condition, Reggie is still able to lead a relatively normal life and even participate in a new sport called 'Hoopers' (dogs run a course of hoops rather than jumps).Read more about Reggie's story here: you to ZoomingPixels for their photography. #mctimoneyanimalassociation #mctimoneycollegeofchiropractic #mctimoneycollegechiropractic #McTimoney #animaltherapy #mctimoney #mctimoneyanimalchiropractic #painfree #hoopers #hoopersdog #proprioception #zoomingpixels ... See MoreSee Less
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