A Tribute to Ronnie Longford

The Ronnie Longford Student Award
The Ronnie Longford Gold Award

By the late Dianne Bradshaw

The McTimoney treatment on animals was initiated by John McTimoney in 1954 who was the first Chiropractor in Great Britain to treat animals for the causes of disease, difficult behaviour and poor performance. Ronnie went to be a private pupil of John McTimoney in 1960, long before the School was founded in 1972, when he was 40 years old and he then went on to use his skills to treat both animals and people until he retired at 95!

He started in the Midlands and progressed to treating Eventers, Trainers, Olympic Showjumpers and Jockeys worldwide, Belgium, Iceland, Barbados, France, Switzerland and Spain. He treated Josh Gifford, David Nicholson, Fred Winter (who won the Grand National 3x and went on to train another 3 winners), Jenny Pitman and even Prince Charles in the 1980’s. He was flown into Barbados by Bill Marshall every winter for the Polo Season and was put up in a 5* hotel while he treated over 100 horses on his visit.

His passion and amazing contribution to the Racing Industry was recognised when he was awarded the Pride of Racing Award in 2006 and he was also included in the Queen’s Honours List being awarded an MBE in 2010 at 90 years old for Services to Animal Welfare. Last year on 13th March he turned 100 year old receiving his telegram from the Queen but sadly at 7am on 24th November he died peacefully at home having spent the previous evening sipping whisky and smoking a cigarette with his Son and the dog he loved. His Obituary was in Horse & Hound in December 2020.

He wrote a book about his life in 2002 which I recently saw on Amazon for over £900! I personally got to know Ronnie in his later years having arranged a McTimoney Practitioner reunion for him and his MBE and another for his 95th Birthday and we met on a Sunday afternoon after he finished treating people through the morning. He was a gracious, charming man with impeccable manners always thanking you for your help in a hand written letter, one of which I received much earlier was also the reason I found the McTimoney School (as it was then) and started on my career pathway treating people and animals just like Ronnie did.

Just as Ronnie achieved so much in his life The MAA committee want to pay homage to his long and valuable life by creating an Annual Award for our Students and Members to be known as the Ronnie Longford Award.

The Ronnie Longford Student Award is for graduating students who have overcome personal difficulties or hardships or demonstrated a particularly high level of dedication to achieve their qualification. This category will be discussed between MCC tutors and MAA Committee to decide on the winner each year.

The Ronnie Longford Award for our Members will be given to a member who has promoted the McTimoney name, helped the profession in a wider context or achieved success against all odds. You can choose to nominate a McTimoney Practitioner you know, or apply for yourself.

Both winners will receive a beautiful Certificate and £100 will be your reward, and probably a fb post and standing at the front of the AGM to be presented with your Award! I hope you all think this would be a fitting tribute to a very remarkable man.

To apply for the Ronnie Longford Award, please send your application (no more than 500 words) to the following email maacommittee@gmail.com by Feb 21st 2022