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Professional Standards

It is important to know that the professional you are using is insured and registered with an appropriate industry body. We encourage all qualified McTimoney Animal Practitioners to register with the MAA, and this requires them to produce proof of insurance and undertake continued professional development, (CPD).

CPD is important to ensure that practitioners maintain a high level of practice so they are knowledgeable about industry updates, current research and can offer the best service to their clients.

MAA members must also adhere to our code of ethics, standards of proficiency and legal requirements.

MAA members will only work with veterinary approval and can liaise with a range of other para-professionals such as saddlers, dentists, farriers and physiotherapists if required. MAA members will offer you the highest standard of service they can provide.

What To Expect

When your MAA member arrives to see your animal, he or she will take a history, analyse your animal’s conformation and gait, and report back to you what he or she is seeing. Your practitioner will then palpate the spine of your animal and apply gentle light adjustments where they are required. Many of our members have additional soft tissue and therapeutic training, so treatment may also incorporate these techniques as appropriate.

Your practitioner will then provide you with aftercare advice including exercise and care regime, specific stretching or rehabilitation activities and a timeframe for the next treatment. In some cases where maintenance treatment is applied and your animal does not have any specific symptoms, one treatment will have the desired effect. However, when there are symptoms, chronic underlying conditions or age-related compensatory changes for example, several treatments may be required on a weekly basis with follow-up treatments at a later date. Every animal is individual so your practitioner will be best placed to advise you.

How to Know a Practitioner is Registered

Ask them directly for MAA and insurance certificates. You can check directly on our online practitioner search facility – here

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