You can search for a registered McTimoney Animal Practitioner in your area by following this link. Find a Practitioner.
You must have the approval of your veterinary surgeon before anyone can treat your animal. It is illegal for anyone to treat an animal without the approval of a veterinary surgeon.
McTimoney practitioners work on all kinds of animals, but the most common are dogs, horses, cats and farm animals.
McTimoney treatment is very safe. Prior to any treatment the practitioner will take a full history about the animal to ensure that there are no reasons why it should not receive treatment. If your practitioner suspects a problem, which requires further investigation, then he/she will refer you to your vet before giving any treatment.
On the whole animals readily receive the treatment.
No. The treatment involves no anaesthetic and requires no drugs to be administered. The practitioners use only their hands to make adjustments to the animal's musculoskeletal system.
Most major insurance companies cover Mctimoney treatment for your animal. However, it is best to phone up your insurance company and check if you are unsure.

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