An investigation into spinal and pelvic misalignments in 8-week-old basset hound puppies

29/05/2024 by in Dogs

Research of musculoskeletal issues in puppies is limited. This study aimed to provide evidence that spinal & pelvic misalignments exist in 8-week-old Basset Hound puppies and any associations with the birthing process.


  • Vertebral and pelvic misalignments do exist in 8-week-old puppies
  • The highest proportion of misalignments were found in the cervical region.
  • Birth/8 week puppy weights and birthing presentation had no significant effect on the number and location of misalignments.

Authors: Ceriati S., Davidson V., Routledge N.

Presented at Animal Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Conference, April 2024.