An investigation into hip and elbow joint range of motion and their relationships to bva/kc/ankc hip and elbow score, gender and age in Bracco Italiano dogs

20/06/2024 by in Dogs

Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are common orthopaedic conditions in dogs. Hip and elbow scoring is well-established as necessary for the health of breeding populations of many dog breeds, undertaken while the dog is still young. The study aimed to investigate standing passive joint range of motion in relationship to BVA/KC/ANKC hip and elbow score, gender and age of healthy Bracco Italiano.


  • Higher hip scores may predispose dogs to increased extension of the contralateral joint.
  • Age had a significant effect on hip joint flexion; gender had no significant effect on hip or elbow flexion and extension.
  • A significant positive correlation between hip score and age at scoring was identified.

Authors: Coglan L., Charlton S., Routledge N.

Presented at Animal Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Conference, April 2024.