What are the life stories of equine clients’ relationships with their animal chiropractor?: an exploration into the socio-cultural impacts on animal chiropractor-client relationship through narrative inquiry

There is no research into the animal chiropractor-client relationship which is an integral part of the treatment process and can influence aftercare adherence and animal welfare. This preliminary study aimed to explore and shed light on possible influences on the animal chiropractor-client relationship in the equine setting.


  • The main themes to arise were ‘being in tune’, knowledge, trust and communication.
  • ‘Being in-tune’ was seen as important and not previously defined.
  • Empathy, body language, temperament, and emotion were terms used to define ‘being in-tune’.

Authors: FitzGerald P., Routledge N., Hunnisett A.

Presented at Animal Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Conference, April 2024.