Dime the Shire Horse – HorseWorld Trust

03/02/2018 by in Horse, News

In November 2017, 19 shire horses were rescued from Bewdley in Worcestershire. The horses were being illegally fly-grazed, a practice where horses are grazed on land without the consent of the landowner. Ownership of the shire horses had been transferred to the landowner under the Control of Horses Act 2015, after notices were issued for the horses’ owner to claim them were left unanswered. The landowner asked for charity help as he was unable to provide the horses with appropriate care and with winter on its way, it was clear that help was required quickly.

Bristol-based charity, HorseWorld Trust, were able to provide a home to three of the horses, including a mare named Dime who was found with a severely docked tail. With the help of Helen Jacks-Hewett, a McTimoney Animal Association practitioner and sports massage therapist, Dime was given a full MOT to ensure she was able to recover to full health.

Given the dramatic fall in shire horse numbers within the UK today, treatment such as Helen carries out is even more vital to ensure that this breed and horses such as Dime can lead a happy and healthy life, as they deserve to.