Crufts winners benefit from McTimoney treatment

06/12/2017 by in Dog, News

Debra Wilson’s Crufts winning Briard dogs have has a very successful season on the show circuit. Debra has a close affinity with this most trusting and dependable breed of dog and keeping them feeling great and performing to the best of their ability is crucial.

In 2013, Debra’s young dog CH Jandade L’Butler – known as Butler – had a fall at a show. She said: “Butler seemed to keep getting a ‘dead leg’ and had intermittent lameness behind. He was reluctant to sit and preferred to lie down. I had heard really positive things about McTimoney treatments so I got in touch with McTimoney Animal Practitioner, Beatrice Coombes”.

Beatrice said: “Butler is a very big dog and was weak behind. I treated him for right rotation and left tilt through the pelvis and restrictions through the lumbar spine. He also suffered intermittent restrictions at the wither and tension over his ribs. He improved greatly over a course of 5 treatments and was able to return to agility classes and was performing better in the show ring”.

Another Briard dog belonging to Debra – CH Jandade Precious Charm- known as Charm has been successfully treated with McTimoney by Beatrice following a trauma. Beatrice said; “I first saw Charm when she was 7 months old in December 2015. She had been to 3 shows and had been winning best puppy, best in breed and best in show. Debra had noticed that for about 3 weeks previously she had developed a roach in her mid-back following some rough play with the other dogs. She was very sore through her thoracolumbar junction. I treated restrictions at T13/L1/L2. She was much improved following this first treatment and only needed two treatments to recover completely with no further roaching to her back”.

McTimoney Animal Practitioners use gentle, light animal chiropractic techniques to rebalance the skeletal system and restore normal functionality to the animal receiving treatment. Treatment will enable the animal to regain maximal flexibility, even movement and symmetrical loading on all limbs. Where underlying pathologies affect the mobility of the animal, the McTimoney treatment will reduce discomfort and improve movement in areas where there are compensatory loading patterns.

Since noticing the benefits of McTimoney, Butler, Charm and Debra’s other dogs all benefit from regular McTimoney maintenance treatments from Beatrice.

Debra is convinced that McTimoney has contributed to her particularly successful year with the dogs. She said: “The McTimoney treatments really help the dogs to keep moving and performing well in the show ring”. Butler won the Open Dog Championship at Crufts this year and has won one Challenge Certificate and one reserve Challenge Certificate. Charm took 3rd place in the Open Bitch final at Crufts before going on to win 7 Challenge Certificates and Debra’s veteran bitch, CH Jandade Precious Peaches JW – known as Peaches was also a Crufts winner this year.

All members of the McTimoney Animal Association are qualified after training with the premier institution of its kind, the McTimoney College in Abingdon, having studied up to three years at postgraduate level attaining an MSc or Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Manipulation.

McTimoney Animal Practitioners are registered with the McTimoney Animal Association.