Case Study – Fern, 7 year old homebred horse


Fern, 7 year old homebred horse

A seven-year-old horse, based in Droitwich, is now back to full health after McTimoney Animal Association Practitioner Jenna Churchill helped to identify a serious spinal condition. Fern, a home bred mare, use to be full of attitude but when owner and yard manager of Rednall Farm and stables, Eve Wood noticed she wasn’t herself she called Jenna to come and investigate.

Jenna treats all of Eve’s horses regularly, “Jenna knows my horses well by personality as well as physically and always picks up on changes when she visits,” explains Eve. In January last year Eve began to notice that Fern was not feeling herself, “She kept on dropping her hind leg when ridden, so we called Jenna” said Eve. “All four of my horses accept Jenna’s treatment happily and trust her, but this time there was something really wrong with Fern.” During her treatment Jenna noticed that Fern was very unhappy “I suspected something more sinister was going on so referred her to the vet,” explains Jenna. The vet later diagnosed Fern with kissing spine and she underwent surgery. Fern made a full recovery and is being ridden by Rednall Farm & Stables’ yard supervisor, Carla Pope. She said “Fern hunted last season and is continuing her training with some riding club activities through the summer.” Eve is thrilled to see Fern fully functional again, “I trust Jenna implicitly with my horses and find her extremely professional. The horses work very hard in the winter, often working for six hours once or even twice a week if they are out hunting. Jenna’s visits are vital to keep all four supple and sound and able cope with their work.