The effects of manual chiropractic (McTimoney) and instrument assisted chiropractic on spinal mechanical nociceptive thresholds (MNTs) in flat racehorses without clinical signs.

Poster presentation at ISAMP conference, Warwick, November 2014.
Oral presentation at BSAS conference, Chester, April 2015
Published in Advances in Animal Biosciences Vol 6 (2) April 2015


  • Positive evidence that McTimoney chiropractic and instrument assisted chiropractic using an Integrator treatments on horses reduces sensitivity to pain (increased MNT’s) compared to no treatment.
  • McTimoney treatment appears to have a longer lasting effect (day 10) on increasing MNTs compared to treatment with the Integrator.

Rossa N., Charlton S., Cunliffe C. (2015)