McTimoney Animal Association sponsors the Saddle Research Trust’s SRT2021 Conference

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The McTimoney Animal Association sponsors the Saddle Research Trust’s SRT2021
The Saddle Research Trust’s 4th International Research Conference
Welfare and Performance of the Ridden Horse: The Future

The McTimoney Animal Association are delighted to announce their sponsorship of the 4th International SRT2021 conference, which will present the latest ground-breaking research.
The Saddle Research Trust ‘Welfare & Performance of the Ridden Horse: The Future’, will be held virtually on Saturday 11th December 2021.

The Conference has been split into four sessions, each closing with an interactive Q&A. The event is also eligible for CPD points for delegates whose professional bodies are registered with the SRT.
The McTimoney Animal Association are sponsoring the second session of the day, Through the Lens, where leading veterinary authority on gait analysis, Dr. Filipe Serra Bragança, from the University of Utrecht Faculty of Veterinary Science, will be discussing the current position of objective gait analysis and its future role in assessing the performance horse.

“The introduction of modern technology into equine sports medicine has started a revolution,” said Filipe. “We have now the tools and knowledge to better quantify many aspects of our field that will ultimately lead to better performance and welfare of the equine athlete.”

In addition to the high-quality interactive presentations from world-renowned researchers and vets there is a virtual poster room where delegates can view scientific posters relating to recent research into aspects of horse and rider welfare and performance; authors will be available for a live Q&A. McTimoney will be proudly presenting three scientific research project posters.

Nikki Routledge MSc PGCLT FHEA MMAA AHPR Regd, McTimoney Animal Therapist and Chair of the McTimoney Animal Association said, “we are delighted to support the Saddle Research Trust and sponsor the SRT2021 conference because the importance of research into saddle fit and related topics is so key to how the McTimoney Animal Association approaches equine treatment of musculoskeletal disorders”.

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