McTimoney treatments at the HorseWorld Trust

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McTimoney Animal Chiropractor, Helen Jacks-Hewett has been a regular at the HorseWorld Trust for many years and is part of a team of external experts who work with them to try and keep the herd there comfortable, happy and healthy.

The HorseWorld Trust said “Helen comes to treat any equine who needs it – big, small, or mule!

We followed one of her sessions recently to learn a bit more about how important these treatments are for the welfare of the herd, and how she thinks Discovery has given a unique new lease of life to some of our trickier equine characters…”

The HorseWorld Trust –

People helping horses, helping people

Our charity is built on the mutual respect and compassion between people and horses; from donors, legacy pledgers and adopters, through to our team of dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters, we all share a common belief that Horses deserve to live happy and peaceful lives and value the incredible trust and companionship that they bestow upon us.