New Webinar from the McTimoney College – “Getting the best performance from your horse”

07/09/2020 by in Horse, News

‘The McTimoney Treatment and the Performance Horse Webinar’
Tues 22nd Sep 2020 @7.00 – 8.30pm

The McTimoney College of Chiropractic is delighted to announce a series of webinars focused on the effective use of the McTimoney approach for animals. The first of these webinars focuses on how McTimoney chiropractic works including examples of real-life cases and what owners can do to help their horses work and perform at their best. Speakers include two of our most established McTimoney tutors at the College, Vanessa Davidson, and Nikki Routledge, who both combine busy animal practices with teaching each new generation of McTimoney Animal practitioners.

For many riders, the costs of keeping our horses is probably our highest outgoing. We would rather spend our hard-earned wages on feed, hay, livery, horseshoes, tack, lessons, and competition fees, than on ourselves! This webinar shows how chiropractic care should be part of every competitive horse’s routine too, allowing them to perform at their best and prolong longevity of career as well.

This webinar is for everyone who rides horses and wants to know more about how you can help your horse! Whether you work with horses as a professional rider, freelance instructor or coach, groom, massage therapist or veterinary physiotherapist, or if you have your own horse and want to know more, this webinar can offer you insights into how the horse’s body works from a chiropractic perspective and inform how you ride and train each day.

The McTimoney College of Chiropractic will also be offering a series of Online Information evenings for individuals interested in pursuing a career in McTimoney Chiropractic for animals.

Tue 20th October 2020 @7.00pm-8.30pm

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