Webinars for Veterinary Professionals

McTimoney Animal Association Present ‘The Use of McTimoney Chiropractic in the Veterinary Industry’

The utilisation of rehabilitative and complementary physical therapies within the animal industry has grown exponentially in the last 20 years with many vets and therapists working together to achieve the best outcomes for their clients through collaborative interventions. As the McTimoney technique has increased in popularity, we are seeing more studies emerge which show the effectiveness of this technique.

This webinar is intended to provide you with a clear and informative overview of how chiropractic works and the researched benefits of chiropractic care both as a prehabilitative and a rehabilitative modality. We seek to dispel common myths about chiropractic, such as bones being ‘out’, and instead, we will explain in clear and unequivocal terms what it is that the McTimoney practitioner is assessing and treating. Case studies are included to demonstrate the use of animal chiropractic care and questions are invited from attendees. Q&A after the presentation.

Nikki Routledge MSC PGCLT, BSc (Hons) MMAA AHPR McTimoney Animal Practitioner
Vanessa Davidson MSc PGCE BSc (Hons) MMAA AHPR McTimoney Animal Practitioner
Dr Emma Punt PhD, BSc (Hons) MMAA AHPR McTimoney Animal Practitioner
Sally Charlton MSc MMAA AHPR McTimoney Animal Practitioner

1st February 2021

19th April 2021