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The Case Studies presented here are provided by McTimoney member practitioners, and demonstrate real patients with varying conditions, all of whom have received McTimoney treatment.

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Kitten triumphs over adversity!

Kitten triumphs over adversity with the love of a determined owner and a helping hand from a McTimoney Animal Chiropractor. This story all began with an underweight stray cat turning up in the garden of Mo Stanhope from Salisbury in…

Case Study – Frankie, 21 year old Cat

A SPECIAL CAT Frankie, 21 year old Cat Registered veterinary nurse, Emma Leaver, has owned her 21 year old cat, Frankie for fifteen years. Frankie didn’t have the best start in life, Emma said, “Frankie was mistreated by her former…

Case Study – 3 week old lamb

ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL 3 week old lamb McTimoney Animal Practitioner, Dianne Bradshaw, was called to assist an unfortunate three-week old lamb who had been squashed by a metal gate. Young lambs are a common sight at spring time,…