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The Case Studies presented here are provided by McTimoney member practitioners, and demonstrate real patients with varying conditions, all of whom have received McTimoney treatment.

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Multi-disciplinary Team Approach Makes Significant Difference to Recovery Outcomes.

14/04/2021 by in Case Studies, Dog, Dog, News

Lula the West Highland terrier, now 8 years old, was diagnosed by her vet with Hip Dysplasia when she was just 5! Lula’s vet, Robert Elliott – Court Vets, Farringdon, recommended adding McTimoney chiropractic to the hydrotherapy she was already…

Rehabilitation Programme, Dedication & Good Old TLC, Restores Pomeranian Dog Following Horrific Injuries

01/09/2020 by in Dog, Dog

To see Bonna the little Pomeranian dog today, full of energy and bounding around, you would never know that only 2 years ago she suffered a viscous, unprovoked dog attack that left her needing numerous veterinary surgeries to save her…

Buzz the Lurcher – Ball Throwing

12/06/2019 by in Case Studies, Dog, Dog, News

Like most energetic dogs, Buzz, a lurcher from Worcestershire, loved nothing more than chasing and catching tennis balls that his owner would throw every time they went for walkies. But one morning during their usual routine, Buzz ran and jumped…

Banjo bounds back following McTimoney Therapy

04/04/2019 by in Case Studies, Dog, Dog, News

Following a brutal dog attack which left Banjo, a four-year-old Lurcher, terrified and facing a long period of rehabilitation, McTimoney treatment has seen him return to his old self and back competing in agility, just months after the accident occurred….

Case Study – Poppy, 9 month old, Chinese crested dog

17/07/2017 by in Case Studies, Dog, Dog

IMPROVING MUSCLE FUNCTION Poppy, 9 month old, Chinese crested dog. Poppy, owned by Natallie Waite, was diagnosed with Legg Perthes disease of her left hind limb in early 2013 after having lameness issues. Natalie describes how “at around 9 months…


DIRECT TRAUMA – Henry – 5 years old, Jack Russell Terrier

17/07/2017 by in Case Studies, Dog

DIRECT TRAUMA Henry – 5 years old, Jack Russell Terrier History – Henry is a family pet and during his usual play with a tennis ball he jumped up and twisted through his body landing hard on his hind legs….