A preliminary study of the effect of manual chiropractic treatment on the splenius muscle in horses when measured by surface electromyography.

Poster presentation at ISAMP conference, Warwick, November 2014.
Oral presentation at BSAS conference, Chester, April 2015
Oral presentation at BEVA congress 2015
Published in Advances in Animal Biosciences Vol 6 (2) April 2015,
Published in Equine Veterinary Journal, Vol 47, S48, Sept 2015


  • Evidence of a statistically significant reduction in splenius muscle activity following chiropractic treatment (McTimoney method).
  • Measuring muscle activity in a stabilising muscle of the spine may be a useful method of determining the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment in horses

Langstone J., Ellis J., Cunliffe C. (2015)