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Preliminary Study of the Effect of manual Chiropractic Treatment on the Laterality of Mechanical Nociceptive Thresholds in Thoroughbred Racehorses by Lucy Goodright

07/06/2019 by in Research news

Lucy Goodright is a working committee member of McTimoney Animal Association, specialising in chiropractic, mobilisation and soft tissue techniques. Before training as a McTimoney therapist, Lucy worked as a freelance rider and groom, and was hired as an exercise jockey…

MAA Research presented at SRT 2018

Lucy Bounden (Goodright) was very proud to present her research poster at the Saddle Research Trust International Conference in December 2018.

Local McTimoney Animal Association (MAA) Practitioner presents research at the International Conference.

19/07/2016 by in Research news

McTimoney animal practitioners, Eulalia Speaight, from Buckfastleigh, presented her research at the International Society for Equitation Science Conference last month in France. Eulalia conducted a study on the effects of head and neck position during feeding on the alignment of…